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Video tutorial

Our short video tutorial shows you how easy it is to create and submit expenses, per diem allowances, and mileage.

Customer and Partner stories

Customer story - Stena Line

Customer story - Stena Line

Implementing a digital, automated solution has made life much easier for Stena Line employees. AI analysis has improved accuracy and receipts and expenses are processed much faster.

Customer story - Future IT

Customer story - Future IT

No more manual expense reporting means all employees save time. New features automatically help users to get reports right first time. Now reporting takes them minutes rather than hours.

Customer story - WSP

Customer story - WSP

There is less need for manual admin as everything is posted automatically. Administrators no longer spend time manually processing expenses and can instead focus on other value-adding work.

Customer story - QuickSpin

Companyexpense Customer story - QuickSpin

With Companyexpense, expense management has gone from taking days to do to now taking just a few hours for QuickSpin. The digital process runs smoothly.

Partner story - Azets

Companyexpense Partnerstory - Azets

In 14 months, Azets digitized 223 unique customers, and 8 978 users. Through the additional services, mileage logging, and card connections, they got access to an ecosystem that facilitates their customers’ digitization journey.