Smarter business trips

with Telia Sense and Companyexpense

Smarter business trips

with Telia Sense and Companyexpense

Move to the next level with the latest in driver logs

Digitize your driver logs

A digital, automated solution that eliminates all manual entry, replaces obsolete paper logs and templates, and increases productivity.

Never forget a trip

No risk of forgetting a trip as the app tracks trips and congestion charges for you. What’s more, you comply with the Swedish Tax Agency’s requirements for business trip reporting.

Everything in one place

With Companyexpense and Telia Sense, you store all business and travel expenses, per diem allowances, and mileage in one location. One app, one expense report, one approver.

Automatic driving logs with Telia Sense

With Telia Sense, driving logs are automatically stored in the app – all you have to do is categorize your trips as for work or private.

Telia Sense - Elektronisk körjournal

Add-on modules

Smarter vehicles with Telia Sense

Automatic driving logs with car tolls

Forget about tracking your mileage – let the app do it for you.

4G-wifi in the vehicle

Connect your tablet or computer to 4G wifi and take the office with you wherever you go.

Keep track of your vehicle

See where your vehicle is parked, get alerts if anything happens – and more.


Telia Sense gives you access to services that make vehicle ownership a lot easier.

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How it works

– 3 simple steps

Så funkar elektronisk körjournal med Telia Sense

Everything in one place

With Companyexpense, everything is in one place. Mileage is reported together with per diems and other expenses.

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