White Labels

Provide the service as if it were your own with a White Label solution. Take a look at the partners who have chosen to put their name on our product.

Companyexpense is a responsive company that we find easy to work with. Their ability to adapt to Visma’s solutions, and the fact that Companyexpense covers all the needs of our agency customers were crucial in our choice of partners.”

Charlotte Von Sydow

MD, Visma Spcs

 Our ambition is to be small businesses’ best friend and always challenge old fashioned and inefficient ways of working, so our collaboration with Companyexpense is spot on. Together, we can help all small business owners and accounting agencies to become more digital and efficient. With Companyexpense, we make managing receipts, travel expenses, and mileage tracking smoother and smarter. And, errors are minimized with a self-learning solution – one of the few real AI solutions on the market.”

Cesar Nilsson

CPO, Fortnox

With Companyexpense, we can offer our customers easy, fast, and secure expense, per diem, and mileage reporting while, at the same time, enabling them to become more mobile.”

Alexander Carlsson

Management Coach, Modern Ekonomi

Visma PX
Modern Ekonomi
ECIT Services AB

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